Class & Correspondence Course for IIT/AIEEE

Surprisingly simple


solutions to help you to clear

has helped
thousands of students
in pursuing their careers
in engg., especially IIT

Be it Piyush Kumar Srivastava, (1st in IIT-
JEE&AIEEE' 05),Sushant Sachdeva (1st in IIT-
JEE' 04),Shashank Shekhar Dwivedi (1st in IIT-JEE
'03), Arvind Thaigarajan(1st in IIT-JEE'01),01 Nitin
Gupta(1st IIT-JEE 2000), VIneet Goyal(1st in
IIT-JEE 1999)the list is endless.

The Correspondence Course countains Stepwise
Solutions, concept/misconcept boxes, pre post
tests with plenty of graded problems, PointWise text
Covering each topic, Interactive seminars by
subject experts, Problem solving cards,
Question bank for Class XI & XII
Containing thousands of objective
and subjective questions,
and much more...

S.NO. IIT(Srenning Means)& AIEEE* Correspoundence Course at a glace EDUSYS
1. Total text page with point wise text 3000.
2. Step by step solved problems/concept boxes Yes.
3. Total MCQ's questions bank with detailed solutions 8,000+.
4. Model Test paper's(Subjective/Objective) 10/10
5. Solved & Send MTP's 4
6. Progress Report with detailed analysis Yes
7. All India ranking/grading Yes
8. Interactive Seminars doubt clearing session Yes
9. IIT OLYMPIAD/ Motivation Classes by IIT Toppers Yes
10. Self Scoring Tests(Pre & Post) Yes
11. Doubt Solving Yes
12. Basic Information about exams/IIT/AIEEE Helpline Yes
13. IIT/AIEEE Frequently Asked Problems BOOK Yes
14. Online despatch Status cheaking Yes


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* AIEEE Relevant topics Will be supllied separately

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