EduSys-MCQ’s Memory Contest

1. The exams: National Standard Examination / National Olympiad (Biology, Physics and Chemistry) / International Olympiads (Biology, Physics and Chemistry) / BHU/JIPMER/CMC/DPMT/EAMCET / UP CPMT/WB - JEE/MGIMS Wardha/PMDT Bihar / Haryana PMT / 
Manipal PMT/IAS Prelims/NDA/
UGC - JRF . . . . 
2. The requirements: Plenty of grey cells, photographic memory, neat handwriting, eagerness to do something different and of course, taking exams.
3. The task: Take the exam, come home and write down as many questions (with all choices and their answers) you can remember, neatly on a paper with your name, your address, age, which exam you sat for, your photo and mail them to us.
4. The benefits: Plenty ! Each complete question with answer will make you richer by Rs. 5*/-. More the questions, the merrier it will be. We will make you famous by publishing your name (photo if possible). Also you can derive psychological satisfaction from the fact that your questions will benefit thousands of readers.
5. and lastly the pit falls: Don’t send incomplete questions or incorrect answers. Our panel of experts will crosscheck your questions. You have to send it within a month of giving the particular exam.
Mail to : The Editor, EduSys Exam Today
103, Taj Apartment, Ring Road, 
New Delhi - 29.