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:::: Predicting Success Stories

You may be a top ranker in your school/college/coaching institute or in your study group, but what about your standing at the national level, which will decide whether you will get through the AIEEE/IIT/PMT exam or not?
What you need is a National ranking indicator AIEEE/IIT/PMT test which gives you an idea where you stand when you compete at the national level? How well prepared are you for the exams with respect to knowledge, speed and exam temperament? 

Trust us to do it ..

We reach out to lakhs of students all over India including remote areas in Jammu & Kashmir and North East. With the quantity, quality, diversity and the standard of students enrolled with us from all over India, we will be the best indicator of your rank and status in the AIEEE/IIT/PMT’s.
With our pre-diagnostic tests for Class XI students, post-diagnostic test for Class XII students and specialized tests for AIEEE, IIT, CBSE, AIIMS, AFMC, BHU, Manipal etc. you would be best prepared for your exams. Also these tests constantly test you all-round the year, give you a realistic ranking, thereby helping you to develop exam temperament. And here is the proof :

"Thanks to ETG (EduSys) for predicting my rank in pre-medical test through its Olympiad".

 [Shubhangi, 1st in AIIMS, MGIMS Wardha, 3rd in CBSE PMT and Har. PMT]

"The remedial and motivation session conducted by ETG (EduSys) were excellent".

[Japleen, 1st in JIPMER and Manipal, 20th in AIIMS]

Name of the student 

 Rank obtained 

 Rank predicted in Solve & Send 

Ankur Gupta 

 24th in AIIMS 2001 


Arnab Kr. Ghosh 

 16th in AIIMS 2003 


Mohit Kr. Arora 

 2nd in CBSE 2004 


Tapas S Nair 

 165th in CBSE 2004 

 Top 10%

Sajanjiv S. Nagpal 

 222nd in CBSE 2004 

 Top 10%


 1st in AIIMS, 3rd in CBSE ’05 


Mayank Sardana 

 11th in CBSE 2005 


Rahul Gokhroo 

 16th in CBSE 2005 


Isha Wadhawan 

 16th in AIIMS 2005 


Vinnyfred Vincent 

 5th in AIIMS 2005 



How it helps ?
Besides the National Ranking you get to know the gap potential– What is your potential at present and where you need to reach so that you come not only in merit but also be a top ranker. Early assessment and remediation can work wonders to your exam preparation. Follow-up with ETG preparatory products, authored by Dr. Sandeep Ahlawat, with their excellent content will help you to come out with flying colours in the exams. 

 How to join ? 
Its simple! Solve and send is given each month.
Solve it at home under strict exam conditions. Attach the form given below along with your response sheet. (Photocopy allowed). Please send a self addressed envelop. The despatch will include analysis sheet and answers. The last date of receipt of response sheet is 7th of next month. Top ranking students will be eligible for fabulous scholarships. 
Mail completely filled form to: 
ETG, 103, Taj Apt, 
Ring Road, New Delhi-29, 
Ph.: 9810400229 
e-mail : edusys.in@gmail.com

  The registration form is available in the Monthly Magazine Exams today which is available with news agents all over India or click here to Subscribe.

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