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                    MOTIVATION SESSION   

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Learn from AIIMS and CBSE PMT Toppers

When the students are preparing for PMT exams they are plagued with lot of doubts such as how to prepare?, what topics are important? etc. They want to clear doubts from a successful student who has passed this phase and understands the rigours of the PMT’s.

To motivate the students, to help them clear their doubts from toppers and to know what are the key ingredients of success so as to finally formulate a winning strategy to crack the PMT’s, ETG(EduSys) conducted a motivation session on Saturday, 19th September, 2004 at 406, Taj Apt., New Delhi where PMT aspirants came face to face with

Dr. Sandeep Ahlawat (Director, ETG(EduSys)),
Dr. Rajesh (Doctor at AIIMS),
Sajanjiv S. Nagpal (2nd ranker, AIIMS, 3rd in Jipmer, 12th in Manipal, 222nd CBSE) and Mohit Kr. Arora (2nd ranker in CBSE, 9th in DPMT).

All of them shared their experience and guided students on how to prepare for PMT’s. Dr. Sandeep Ahlawat introduced the toppers to the students and said that “In the medical field it is a long way to go. You have to spend at least 11-13 years to become a well established doctor. So give up all enjoyment at this time and prepare seriously. Then only you will be able to clear PMT’s in first attempt.”

Dr. Rajesh stressed on memory techniques and said, “Association of memory is necessary. You know something over which you have to build something. So whenever you study, associate it with what you have already studied”.

Sajanjiv S. Nagpal stressed on doing complete syllabus and said that “Do not leave any loophole to the examiner. Study everything and leave nothing. You must have primary knowledge of all topics.”

Mohit Kumar Arora emphasized that “Its not important how many questions you do in a day. It is much more important to first get your concepts crystal clear and then attack the questions.”

Brief summary of the motivation session is given below.

- Reread NCERT (especially the old NCERT)
- Develop self confidence
- Develop exam temperament
- Read everything
- Stick to a book if it is good
- Do as many MTP’s
- Must finish syllabus superficially by September and indepth by December
- Make your own MCQ’s
- Don’t go beyond the given syllabus.
- Devise a strategy for Assertion / Reason
- Strategy for mains - Practise papers especially from beginning, in NCERT do diagrams (expect change in Mains exam pattern this year).
- If last 3 months are left - 
          1st month - finish Class XI topics & practise MCQ’s. 
          2nd month - finish Class XII topics & practise MCQ’s. 
          3rd month - revise weak topics and practise MCQ’s
- Key to success is clearing concepts
- Type of questions are easy / OK / difficult (8 - 10%)
- Do not guess especially in difficult questions.

EduSysians topped in 8 PMTs

The best part of EduSys Course is High Yield Facts. Extensive High Yield Facts are also given in the Correspondence Course and TWAS. Mini Test Series contains High Yield Facts which are exam specific i.e. for UP, BHU,.... These High Yield Facts are not available in the market hence student should enrol for EduSys Course to obtain them. This is useful while revising the topics.
[Rajat Varna, 1st in Karnataka CET]

Thanks to ETG(EduSys) for predicting my rank in pre-medical test through its PMT Olympiad. I also bought EduSys Study Material and relied on them for my success. ETG(EduSys) coaching is excellent as it focusses on individual attention and doubt clearance.
[Shubhangi, 1st in AIIMS, MGIMS Wardha, 3rd in CBSE and Har. PMT]

I am an avid user of your PMT products for the past two years. With the help of these I have achieved 2nd rank in AIIMS and 5th rank in CBSE-PMT ‘05. 
[Mayank Singhal, 2nd in AIIMS]

I was enrolled with your Correspondence Course. Your Correspondence Course is an excellent way to find where you stand in the competitions. ETG(EduSys) explorers series are must for every PMT aspirant as they give an idea about the level of questions asked in various PMTs. I am thankful to you for providing a standard text material and competent test series.
[Mayank Sardana, 1st in HR PMT and Chd. CET, 11th in CBSE PMT and MAHE, 18th in DPMT]

Thanks to EduSys for providing me good study material, concept clarity and doubt clearance in its classroom programme with the help of which I got selected in various PMT exams.
[N. Shantajit, 3rd in Manipur PMT, Selected in BHU, CBSE and MAHE]

Study material of ETG(EduSys) is good enough to secure merit rank in any state or national level PMT’s. Thanks to EduSys for providing competitive environment in its classroom and for clear understanding of subject.
[Japleen, 1st in JIPMER & Manipal, 20th in AIIMS]

have got 86th rank in WB JEE (Medical). I am enrolled with your test series (TWAS 4226). I found the questions and answers given in your test series quite useful. Thank you for providing good collection of questions.
[Debasubhra Mitra]

I have topped WBJEE 2004.I had enrolled for ETG(EDUSYS) correspondence course with enrolment no. BTT 40008 and found it very useful for my preparation as it covered full syllabus and the booklets contained study matter in a systematic way. 
[Samrat Mandal, Kolkata]
  • Nitin Mishra : MP PMT 1st Rank, 3rd in AFMC, 17th in AIIMS, CBSE PMT 63rd Rank, AFMC
  • Ajay Kumar : CPMT 1st Rank, CBSE 3rd Rank, AIIMS & VMMC, 4th in BHU
  • Sudeep Mittal : MPPMT 2nd Rank, AIIMS 7th, 42nd in MANIPAL, CBSE PMT 558th Rank
  • Harkirat Singh : AIIMS 8th Rank, CBSE PMT 66th Rank
  • Kanwarneet Singh : AIIMS 1st Rank, CBSE Mains 40th Rank, AFMC
  • Gursukhmaan : AIIMS 15th Rank, CBSE Mains 157th Rank, Manipal 28th Rank, AFMC
  • Sourabh : AIIMS 26th Rank, CBSE Mains 1106th Rank, Rajasthan PMT 89th, AMU, CPVT 51st Rank
  • Shena Agarwal (1st in CBSE-PMT 2004)
  • Mohit Kumar Arora (2nd in CBSE PMT 2004)
  • Srivats Sehera (1st in DPMT 2004)
  • Tapas Sadasivan Nair .... 2nd in JIPMER, 2nd Rank in Manipal, 165th Rank in CBSE PMT (2004)
  • Sajanjiv Singh Nagpal .... 3rd Rank in JIPMER, 13th Rank in Manipal, 222nd Rank in CBSE PMT (2004)
  • Samrat Mandal .... (1st in WB JEE'04)
  • Brijesh Takkar (1st in AIIMS, BHU, CMC (L) 2003) 
  • Kartavya Sharma (1st in DPMT 2003) 
  • Chaitanya Dev (1st in Haryana PMT 2003) 
  • Abhinav Sidana (1st in AIIMS, JIPMER 2002) 
  • Neha Chaturvedi (1st in BHU 2002)
  • Sadre Alam (1st in AFMC 2002, 
  • 3rd in Manipal 2002)
  • Ashish Agarwal (1st in CBSE PMT 2002)
  • Shikha Gupta (1st in DPMT 2002)
  • Mashaal Dhir (1st in BHU, CBSE PMT 2001)
  • Kanika Sahni (1st in AIIMS 2001)
  • Prakash Muthusami (1st in JIPMER 2001)
  • Salil Sethi (1st in BVP, 2nd in K-CET 2001)
  • Partha Sarathi Dey (1st in WB JEE 2001)
  • Soumya R. Thomas (1st in Kerala PMT 2001)
  • Bhirud M. Ramesh (1st in MHCET 2001)
  • Rohit Singla (1st in CET Chandigarh 2001)
  • G. Prashanth (1st in AP EAMCET 2001)
  • Kamal Bali (AIIMS Topper in 2000)
  • Sumit Jain (AICBSE Topper in 2000)
  • Indrish Bhatia (UP CPMT Topper in 2000) 
  • Surbhi Vaish (AIIMS topper'99)

  • Sushant Sachdeva ( 1st in IIT JEE 2004)
  • Shashank Shekhar Dwivedi (1st in IIT-JEE 2003)
  • Dungra Ram Chaudhary (1st in IIT-JEE 2002)
  • Arvind Thiagarajan (1st in IIT-JEE 2001)
  • Nitin Gupta (1st in IIT-JEE 2000)
  • Vineet Goyal (1st in IIT-JEE 1999) ... the list is endless.
2006 -- Success Stories ( Download in pdf )

Nitin Bansal - CBSE PMT 2006 Rank 1

Abhimanyu Varshney - CBSE PMT 2006 rank 2

Sankalp Dudeja - CBSE PMT 2006 rank 3

Year 2005

Telly Jain - Rajasthan PMT 2005 Rank 2

Sri Hari Deepak - JIMPER 2005 Rank 5

Rajat Verma - Karnataka CET Engg 2005 Topper

Karanjot - PUNJAB PMT 2005 Topper

Paidimarri Arun - IIT JEE 2005 Rank 2

Piyush Keshri - DCE 2005 Topper

Aditya Prakash Sharma - DPMT 2005 Topper

Piyush Kumar Srivastava - IIT JEE, AIEEE 2005 Topper

Mayank Sardana - Haryana PMT Topper

Aditya Dahiya, Zubin Arora, Shubangi - CBSE PMT 2005 Toppers

Topper's Success Plan for
How to Prepare for AIIMS




Year 2004

  • Samrat Mandal .... Topper WB JEE 2004 (Medical)

  • Sushant Sachdeva .... Topper IIT JEE 2004

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